The terms of the sales of products from the site, which is property of Nutrigea, are made explicit in the site itself in relation to retail price, as well as volume discounts, given that both price and discounts may vary over time. By ordering and buying the products listed in the site, the Buyer accepts the price and the relative conditions, including the conditions for returning the product specified below.


Once the order is acknowledged by Nutrigea or its affiliate, Nutrigea will ship the product as soon as possible after receipt of the payment. Nutrigea will be responsible for getting the product to be shipped to the carrier, after which the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. Nutrigea provides its own carrier service, at the cost indicated in the site However, the client is free to choose his or her own carriere service if so prefers.


If the Buyer, after receiving the product ordered and paid for, discovers a defect on the packaging or content of the product, he may return the product bought within 10 days after reception. If Nutrigea acknowledges the product’s defects, the cost off returning the product or products will be borne by Nutrigea. No returns are accepted for causes related to the lack of satisfaction on the product’s effects, unless it can be proved that such ineffectiveness of the product is related to some defects of the product itself, relative to the original composition of the product.